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In my experience, the process of learning how to play the guitar needs to be a profoundly enjoyable journey of inspiration, awareness, and self discovery. No matter your level, the type of music you would like to play, your goals, or your time constraints, the more fun you’re having, the more effective your practice will be.

Many guitarists come to my studio telling me that they really want to play but that they “have no talent.” I love to prove them wrong!

Anyone who has in their heart a desire to play or sing is able to do it!

My job is to help you identify the obstacles and show you different ways of problem solving so that you can thrive. 

I can help you create a sense of flow and connection in your practice so that you can experience the guitar as an extension of your own body and as an expression of your voice. Practicing doesn’t have to feel like a struggle. I would love to help you create an inspiring practice that  taps into the spirit of joy that comes from making progress at something you love.

Guitar classes:

  • Beginning guitar (Classical, Jazz, Latin, Folk, Rock, Pop) and ukulele
  • Guitar for singers/songwriters
  • Intermediate guitar (Classical, Jazz, Latin, Folk, Rock, Pop) and ukulele
  • Advanced classical, Latin, and Brazilian guitar
  • Special Coaching for professional or Semi-professional Classical Guitarists.

Playing and teaching the Cajon:

My musical life also includes playing the cajón (the box drum) in a variety of musical styles. Currently I play percussion with the acoustic band “Sky In The Road”.I have also performed with jazz/gospel singer LaRhonda Steele and pianist Joe Millward at Unity in West Linn.

I offer cajón lessons for people who want to learn how to play the instrument in all its possibilities. I also offer percussion lessons to help you expand your rhythm skills: I often find that guitar and ukulele students benefit greatly from working on rhythm on a percussion instrument. Let’s not forget that both the guitar and the ukulele can be percussive. The cajón is truly accessible to a beginner musician and it can also help intermediate and advanced musicians reach high levels of rhythmic subtlety. I look forward to sharing with you the exhilarating fun of playing a cajón.

My instruction is individualized, experiential, holistic, and music-driven. I will not ask you to play a piece of music that you don’t like.


In my experience, you will notice progress in 6 hour lessons.

My hourly lesson rates are $75.00.

I teach at two locations:

  • SE Portland
  • My home studio in Lake Grove.

To inquire about lessons, contact me directly.

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