I feel a deep sense of purpose to help other people find their own journey of inspiration and joy through music, and that desire fuels my teaching creativity. Anyone who has in their heart a desire to play or sing is able to do it! I can help you create a sense of flow and connection in your practice so that you can experience the guitar as an extension of your own body and as an expression of your voice.

"Whoever creates beauty by playing an instrument and generates musical harmony begins to understand from within what essential harmony is...Human harmony."

Maestro Jose Antonio Abreu

“Maria is a consummate guitarist who is able to convey through her crystal clear technique a mastery and depth of feeling that one rarely finds. Her open heartedness shines through her playing, and one is instantly put at ease in her presence. And as wonderful as it is to hear her perform, it is even more of a joy to play with her and to connect in real time with her superb musicianship.”

- David Eby

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